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Life Coaching 

Birth & Pregnancy

Crisis Intervention 


Health & Wellness 

Career Builder (additional)

~Book me to host a workshop~ $150 and up (must include travel)

(Sacred Woman Circle) 4 wk program-Open Donation-Need 4 women min 

Consultations can be combined! All consultations come with our custom house affirmation PDF.  

Ah'Malah's gift to you :-).

Make your payment by paypal: ahmalah@earthsretreat.com. Click the button herein. Once payment is made, I will respond. Please insert three different dates and times that you are available. I will choose the one that is best and email you with our date and time and schedule video or audio connection. 

If there are ever any discrepencies, please email us at info@earthsretreat.com and allow us 3 days to respond to any issues. If you don't receive a response by the 5th day, email our corporate office at ahmalah@earthsretreat.com who will respond within 48 hours to any issues you may have. We GUARANTEE that with each consultation you will be empowered and motivated to move forward n your life. 

Our mission is to inspire and empower healthier lifestyles for the people.

Our motto: Rebuild Your Health! Regain Your Wealth! Est. 2005

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